108 Bray Farm Road N.
Yarmouth Port, MA



The farm has had a great harvest of Long Island Cheese, Musque de Provence and Rouge Vif'Etampe pumpkins. They are very dense and great for cooking. Try some recipes:
Long Island Cheese === Musque de Provence === Rouge Vif'Etampe
Afew are still available. Pick one up at the pumpkin patch behind the chicken coop. Prices are posted at the patch. Leave the money in the donation box at the side of the barn.

2017 Taylor Bray Farm Archaeology Dig


2015 Dig

The schedule for the 2017 Fall Dig:

Start October 16th and end November 10th. Weather permitting we will work Monday thru Friday, 9am to 4pm. We will not have a formal training session this year, but will provide the special digging guidance needed for a sensitive prehistoric site as we proceed.

Volunteers needed

2015 Volunteers

As always volunteers will play a key role in one of the most successful
community archaeology projects in the state. A typical fieldwork day:

Mornings, 9 AM to noon
Lunch breaks, workshops or activities to enhance understanding of archaeology.
Afternoon, 1 PM to 4 PM.

Fieldwork is generally cancelled if the NOAA weather forecast for
Yarmouth Port calls for 60% or greater chance of rain.

We have a range of duties (e.g. digging, screening and recording data)
that should accommodate everyone's interests and abilities.

For more information, email Jack Duggan


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