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Yarmouth Port, MA

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Nestor and Sam

Sam and Nestor, our Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys, were acquired for the Farm through the generosity and efforts of Bill McClennan. He raised the funds to buy them and to build their barn.

Click image for Sam's & Nestor's Picture Album Sam & Nestor

Sam and Nestor are half brothers and have bonded to each other. That bond will remain throughout their long lives. Donkeys can live 40 years or more with good care. They are smaller than standard donkeys but with all the endearing qualities of their larger kin. They can be a bit stubborn but are cooperative when things are explained to them properly. They are very affectionate and friendly. They are generally tame, gentle and playful. Of the two, Sam is more shy and suspicious while Nestor is much more daring.

We have been working with them since they arrived at the Farm as weanlings. We will continue their training for driving this summer. They are both "green broke" for the work now, but their skills need honing before they can pull their cart with passengers smoothly.

You may notice that they are sometimes kept apart from the goats and sheep. Donkeys can play very roughly with each other...biting, kicking, wrestling and such which can be disastrous for the other animals.

More information about Mediterranean Miniature donkeys can be found at The National Miniature Donkey Association.