108 Bray Farm Road N.
Yarmouth Port, MA

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Rusty and Dusty

Who are the friendliest animals at the Farm? Which almost always come over to the
fence looking for you to pet their noses? I'll bet you know who they are! Rusty and Dusty!
Rusty & Dusty

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Rusty and Dusty are our Nubian Goats. They were purchased from a goat dairy in Westport, MA where the males are not needed. Lucky for them they have become pets at the Farm. They are sociable, outgoing and can be very vocal! When you visit, notice that Rusty will come to the fence seeking attention. He is quite a ham. His brother, Dusty, is more standoffish, unless you are in the pen to brush him. He loves being brushed and will stand for a long time while being brushed. They both love to have their long ears brushed with a soft brush!

We are planning on giving them a job. They can help us by eating the phragmites at the marsh's edge, invasive plants which are a problem. In the meantime they are enjoying being at ease in the pasture with the sheep.

More information about Nubian goats can be found at International Nubian Breeders Association