108 Bray Farm Road N.
Yarmouth Port, MA

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Taylor-Bray Farm Sheep

What animals do you most associate with Taylor-Bray Farm? It is probably sheep. The Farm hold its Sheep Festival every spring. It's the biggest event at the Farm every year. There are more sheep at the farm than all the other animals combined. Well ... excluding the chickens, that is. And every year, all of us look forward to the birth of new lambs.

Sheep in the pasture

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The sheep at the Farm are Churros; sheep that have been in America since before there was a United States. Our sheep are well suited to the climate of Cape Cod. Their long protective top coat and soft undercoat keep them warm during our cold winters. They don't easily get sick and do not need pampering to survive. The ewes give birth easily and are fiercely protective of their lambs. Twins and triplets are not unusual.

More information can be found at American Livestock Breeds Conservancy or Navajo-Churro Sheep Association. The story of the Navajo-Churro breed in the Americas is quite interesting. Read about it here.