108 Bray Farm Road N.
Yarmouth Port, MA

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Taylor-Bray Farm Archaeology Project
2017 Fieldwork
Craig Chartier at the Yarmouth Port Library

Uncovering the farm's history is still very much a work in progress and the farm still has secrets to give up, but a story is emerging that connects to America's past by illuminating the daily lives of ordinary people.
The year 2018 will mark a pause after nine years of archaeology fieldwork at the farm. The respite will allow us to take a step back to rethink all the knowledge we have collected during our digs at the farm.

In a talk given at the Yarmouth Port Library, April 27, 2018, Craig Chartier discussed
the Taylor-Bray archaeology program and the significant findings during the 2017 fieldwork.

Information about other aspects of the Taylor-Bray Farm archaeology
project can be found in the archaeology pages of the website.

One of a series of talks by Craig Chartier on different aspects of Taylor-Bray Farm

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