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Yarmouth Port, MA

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Excavating the "Jawbone" Test Pit

The objective of the October 2016 fieldwork at Taylor-Bray Farm around the site of the 17th century Richard and Ruth Taylor farmhouse was to locate and identify fences, outbuildings and any other structures that may have existed in the area. The upper levels of test pit TBF/RRT S22.5 W7 showed a darkened soil feature indicating the location of a possible post mold or slot fence. At the 35cm level, a calve's jawbone was uncovered. Watch as the jawbone is extracted and its possible significance is explained.

Further work in the area of test pit TBF/RRT S22.5 W7 revealed additional soil features that indicate an outbuilding was located here. The pit appears to be the location of the southeast corner post of a possible threshing barn. The bone was probably deposited when the building was either constructed or taken down. It shows that there were enough cattle that a young calf could be slaughtered and presumably eaten without having to worry about a negative impact on the farm's stock.

One of a series of talks by Craig Chartier on different aspects of Taylor-Bray Farm

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